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Canvas - See life in colors !

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Whether you enjoy creating a splash of colors in a random manner or prefer painting a picture, we've got you covered. We teach several kind of canvas painting and you will be astonished with what you can do. Not every body is a painter but everyone can play with colors and ultimately creating a picture is very pleasing. Our staff will help you find your inspiration, teach you color coordination and let you have fun with your project.


Come and join us at scheduled arts and crafts public events

During the month of February we offer 2 canvas events. One for children and one for adults. we will offer a class with a canvas pour and a class with alcohol ink. Check it out on our scheduled arts and crafts public events

Your event at your chosen location

You can also come to our Paint and Sip regular events posted on our calendar or on our public events page
Organize an event, have a few friends over and most of all, enjoy!

Tell us:
- what you want
- Your party location
- what is the occasion
- Time and date
Depends of the medium used call for pricing

We offer, regular painting, pouring, swiping and alcohol inks.

We value your privacy and in no circumstances will we share your information