Hand Building Pottery - From Mud to Art !

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clay cow decorated

You would not believe how much fun your can have creating your own pottery !
Seeing a dish, a pot or a sculpture coming out of your creative hands is VERY rewarding and yes, hand building is easy. You just need a little clay, a little water and little direction and you are off to potteryland.

It is a child's delight to play with clay. Some children benefit greatly to feel and play with clay. It allows them to express their feeling.
For adults it is always fun and exciting as well as being extremely therapeutic to bring a project to fruition.

Learn how to make unique pieces of pottery using traditional techniques great for adults and children alike. We assist you
step by step in creating your special project and enjoy it.

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weaved clay basket
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purple weaved basket
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Pottery offers a wide variety of item to make, the sky is the limit of what you can do !

Your event at your chosen location. Or

This is an craft for children and adults alike
Participant will play with clay and model a piece of their choosing under the guidance of our staff.
Items will then be fired.
2 hour class
Cost: call for pricing
A follow up class is recommended for the application of the glaze after the first firing.
1 hour follow up class for glazing
Cost :$7 all inclusive
Special pricing for children's parties. check with us.
If you have a birthday party, a celebration, an office gathering or simply an urge of creativity between few friends .
call us at 480.227.6443 and we will organize hand building session for you.
Tell us:
- What you want
- Your location
- What is the occasion
- Time and date
When your items are finished We will take all them to be fired in our studio. Following glazing we fire your piece a second time.
Create your Event now by clicking here
Minimum 10 people
*Full payment is required at the time of sign-up. There are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. However, your payment is transferrable to a future party date.

candle holder
student working on their clay candle holder
details of clay carving
student working on clay candle holder
ladies glazing their projects
ladies working on clay weaving basket
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clay weaved basket
hand building clay
pride potter
clay candle holder
pinch pot
tripod pot