Stained Glass - Very Addictive !

Call us or contact us @ 480.227.6443 - Stained glass classes are given at the studio

Beware working with glass is very addictive and fun!

Experience the thrill of cutting, foiling, leading, soldering and creating masterpieces for your home, your friends and family.
We will carefully show you how to create beautiful, sun catchers, lamps and windows.
Children 13 and over are welcome.

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Studio Classes Only

There are several techniques to stained glass . For our students to understand the different techniques, our classes are set with a learning progression for a full knowledge about stained glass. Once our students have completed all the techniques they can purchase a studio subscription to be guided in their own projects. We have Hundreds of books of stained glass patterns to chose from and for inspiration. All books are to remain at the studio at all times.

Class time : 3 hour class/per week
Price: $180 per 4 weeks (4 weeks per session)

Time: 4 -7 pm
private studio ( call 480-227-6443 or text for registration and direction )

Session 1
you will make a sun catcher of your choice followed by a copper foiled panel (glass included)
You will learn the fundamentals of Stained Glass construction
- How to prepare your pattern
- How to cut and shape glass,
- Copper foil technique
- Solder the pieces together
- Application of patina

Session 2
you will make a small leaded panel (Glass included)
- You learn Yow to use lead came for windows
- And how to frame a window with U lead came
- Soldering technique on leaded panel
- Setting the glass panel with putty
- Cleaning your panel with whiting

Session 3
you will make 3D project such as a lamp or terrarium mini house, kaleidoscope of your choice (Glass not included)
- You will learn how to build a 3D project out of glass with sides and angles
- Technique for soldering a 3D project.
-how to tin copper
- You will learn how to create a design in SG for your own use —

More studio time is available with a subscription of $30/month anytime during opening hours ( check the calendar for studio times)
Tools, and supplies included
◆ in order to give maximum attention to each of our students we only take 8 students per class.

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